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Somer’s Newly found Link to the Past
Much is known and has been written about the history of the Moncton of the 1800's and 1900's. However, last year's 250th anniversary of the arrival of the "Lovey" and and the German families that settled the Township of Monckton has highlighted the need and opportunities to learn much more of our earlier German heritage dating back to the 1700's. The founding German families are trying hard to maintain that same level of interest in our German heritage as was evidenced at last summer's event.

Mary Ann Schaefer, of Boulder, Colorado has through diligent research as a genealogist discovered the birthplace, in Germany, of the first signatory to the Articles of Agreement, Mathias Somer. One of the 5 signatories to the Articles of Agreement (Somers, Lutes, Trites, Steeves and Jones) Mathias Somer birthplace was yet to be uncovered in Germany.

Mary Ann's research has uncovered Mathias' history not only in Germany but has also discovered many interesting aspects of his extended families history, not only in Germany but also in Philadelphia. Three brothers that followed Mathias to Philadelphia, Mathias' father life as an Inn Keeper in Germany, previous marriages and children.....quite a incredible story, fully supported by copies of baptismal, marriage and other documents.

Mary Ann will be in attendance at this years 251 anniversary to share her findings following the traditional ceremony at 2:00 - 2:30 pm at Settlers Landing. Attendees and invited guests will be welcomed back to the Lutz Mountain Historical Museum for a 3:00 - 4:00 pm presentation and reception.

The ceremony at the Lutz Mountain Museum will see noted authors Les Bowser and Dr. Philip Steeves as well as Mary Ann Schaefer in attendance. In addition to Mary Ann's presentation of her findings, various historical items and a financial gift will be presented to the Museum by the Somers family.

Additionally, the Somers family will be sponsoring a booth at the Moncton City Market on June 3rd. Celebrating our German Heritage in recognition of the 251 Anniversary of the arrival of German Families at Settlers Landing. Please be sure to attend.