Fall Fest 2019

A very big Thank you to all our volunteers who helped out yesterday (and Friday).

Here’s a few pictures for everyone who missed it!


Miriam McArdle was busy in the kitchen making fresh doughnuts…




…and cinnamon buns

Our Bake Sale






Yard Sale


We had a great turnout of vintage tractors.

and cars


Sofia won a cake in the Cake Walk!


And these brave competitors went home with purple faces after the blueberry pie eating contest!








Last but not Least

Our Pickle & Baked Goods Contest Winners 

  • Green Tomato Chow Judy Gillcash
  • Bread & Butter Pickles Dawn Lutes
  • Mustard Pickles Dawn Lutes
  • Pickled Beets Gerry Gillcash
  • Salsa Theresa McCready
  • Green Relish Ron Graves
  • Strawberry Jam Miriam McArdle
  • Rhubarb Jam Miriam McArdle
  • Highbush Cranberry Jelly Gerry Gillcash
  • Tea Biscuits Dale Lutes
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies Miriam McArdle
  • Candy Doris Brown


A big ‘thank you’ to Helen Halfpenny for organising and judging the contest.