Progress at the Museum

The Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation Inc. was established in 1975 and has been a focal point in the community ever since.  Over that time we have established a vibrant community center hosting many different social activities.  As well, genealogy was being fostered and today we have a very large database of 8819 different family names covering 25 generations with some history dating back to the early 1500s .

The Museum – Over the past 43 years people have generously donated items of significance “Artifacts” from the local area. These artifacts help tell the story of how life was in this area during the last 200 years.  There are 6953 artifacts registered in our Museum database.

In 2016 a significant effort was set in place to enlarge our museum in order to make it more inclusive.  Grants were applied for through ACOA, Canadian Heritage, New Brunswick Tourism, Heritage and Culture and the City of Moncton. With great response from all levels of government combined with the funds that the Museum had accumulated over many years, we broke ground in the spring of 2017.  Initially, we added a new kitchen, new washrooms and a wheelchair accessible entrance and with a second push we added a new office and a genealogical center.  So, 2017 was a phenomenal step forward in the history of this community Museum.

Where to from here?   Our long term goal is to add a third addition in the form of a new auditorium.  This would allow us to make the main hall of our existing building into a permanent display area.  The new addition would provide better space for theater, receptions and community events.

We invite all to visit the “Meeting House” as it has affectionately come to be known.  See the Museum, check out your genealogy and keep us in mind when planning family events.