The Lutz/Lutes Family Scholarship

The Lutz/Lutes Family Scholarship

Awarded April 1st of each year

The Lutz/Lutes Family Scholarship was established by Claudia (Lutes) Tugwell in memory of her parents Allen and Esther Lutes.  The scholarship, valued at $1,000.00 is awarded annually to a deserving high school student who will use said award toward the cost of the first year of his/her continuing education.

The recipient will have demonstrated high academic achievement and financial need. Completed applications received on or before April 1st of each calendar year will be considered. Decisions will be announced on or before May 1st of that same year.

2018 Lutz/Lutes Family Scholarship winner, Sophia Oswald

The recipient of the 2018 Lutz/Lutes Family scholarship is Sophia Oswald.  She is currently enrolled at Moncton High and comes highly recommended.  To quote from her letters of recommendation, “She is a perceptive student with a high aptitude for math and science.”  She has won awards and competitions for writing and debate.  Most recently at the National Canadian Confederation Cup for debate she placed first in the individual category.

Upon graduation, Sophia’s goal is to pursue a bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.  This includes studies in Physical and Mathematical Sciences.  She hopes to refine her degree to Bio-Medical Engineering and go on to her Master’s Degree.

Lofty goals but we applaud and encourage her in these endeavors.  Her teacher, “I am confident that an intellect like hers, with the right academic nourishment, will accomplish great things and reshape the world around her”.

Congratulations and all the best in your future endeavors.

Download your application form here and forward the application with required attachments to:

Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation Inc.
3143 Mountain Road
Moncton, New Brunswick, E1G 2X1
Attention: Lutz/Lutes Family Scholarship