How-To Make donations

The Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation Incorporated is a not-for-profit charitable organization which cares for and operates the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and Meeting House. Housed within a 140-year-old historic country church, the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum spans three stories and contains over 8000+ artifacts relating to the early settlers of the Moncton area. From household items, garments, a replica one-room schoolhouse, to historic agricultural equipment, this museum tells the story of the ordinary people who farmed this land and helped to create the Moncton we know today. In addition to this, the museum also houses the Muriel Lutes Sikorski Genealogical and Research Library. This is a publicly accessible library with countless maps, censuses, marriage records, oral histories, and books containing the histories of Southeast New Brunswick. It also serves as the go-to place all your genealogical research needs. In fact, our database holds information for over 100,000 individuals, over 9,000 unique surnames, and has records dating back to the 16th century! Finally,  this facility operates a community-focused events center hosting numerous gatherings, events, classes, and meals all with the mission of bringing people together and preserving a sense of community in this online world.

Funding for the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and Meeting House is partially sourced from the Government of New Brunswick and the City of Moncton. However, a large portion of our funding is generated through various fundraising efforts undertaken by the Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation and through generous donors like you.

So, how does your donation help the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and Meeting House? Your donations help to ensure that the social, agricultural, and industrial history of Moncton are preserved for generations to come. But that is not all; your donation helps to transform this history into educational and entertaining public programming for all ages, allows history come to life through updated and interactive exhibits, and maintains this historical property. Furthermore, your support helps us invest in the future of this area by expanding our offerings, furthering our outreach, and creating a beautiful outdoor public space for the community to enjoy and utilize.

An investment in the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and Meeting House is not only an investment in your history but it is also in the future of your community. Help us to nurture and preserve this community by considering a donation today. To donate, please send an etransfer to Charitable tax receipts are available on all donations of $10 or more. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us by emailing the email address listed above or by calling (506) 384-7719.