About Us

Over the last 48 years, the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and Meeting House has been bringing people together.  That is because we have never strived to be only the community centre in the heart of the community, but rather, we have endeavoured to BE the beating heart of the community. Inside these four walls we have fostered a space in which strangers become friends, friends become family, and everyone finds belonging. Why? Because connection, togetherness, and family is what gives our lives meaning. So whether you come to celebrate one of life's precious moments, or are here to explore local history, we promise you will leave feeling closer to your friends, family, and roots than ever before.

The Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum and Meeting House is a local heritage museum, genealogical research facility, and community center located in the North end of  Moncton, NB. Since opening our doors in 1975, we have been committed to bringing further education to our community, preserving its rich history, and fostering a deep community bond through all aspects of the work we do. We are known for our extensive collection of precious local artifacts which are on display, a beautifully designed auditorium built specifically to host community functions and private events, and for being one of the premier locations in Southeast New Brunswick for family research. So whether you are looking to book our facility for a quaint country wedding or looking for a meaningful experience for you and your family, why not check us out and find out for yourself why generations of people have found their community here.