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Published Semi-Annually

Twice per year, in May and November, we produce a small news letter which is meant to be informative and entertaining.  Local stories of interest, a profile of someone in the community that significantly impacts the Museum and the community and a feature on a “Heritage Home”.  Our contact information can be found on the back cover.  Inside the back cover provides a calendar of events for the next few months.  We also highlight one of the almost 7000 artifacts housed in our collection.

If anyone has an interesting story of our history in this area we would invite you to submit it to us.  Likewise, if you have the background on your homestead or other (100 year old) homes, please let us know.

We are attempting to reduce the number of hard copies that we have to print, ergo, now on our WEB site.  However, if someone does not have computer access, a copy can be mailed to them.


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